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My love and the pain

My love it pains me to write this letter, I have loved and I have loved deeper, like a swan I like the chemistry of one.

The swan who mates for life, with a broken heart, twice, love leads to pain, I’ve always known that, but my love you’ll never know how or why I love you.

So let this moment last forever, dance in slow motion, like the music slows as I dance, baby if you want to leave be a freak like me too, loving me is all you need to feel like I do.

I never know when or if I’ll see you, no love is something I cant reflect upon and enjoy, wanting me to love you only for you to shut down when I do, so my dear what i do? My stranger?

Screw your ice like block next to me, but when your you, your so beautiful and delicate, I dont wanna fight my baby, it’s like i told you if you want me to stay I will, I wont be your sympathy post, thinking you can help something that’s gone into oblivion? Is that your goal? Or is it to love?

So I’ll go be my art, queen of the road she walks, a little bird told me lots to be seen….shining like a medal even though shes in pieces I wonder what’s the new definition of love? You always wanted more…and loving you was never enough…

Young thing, with a few conditions but I thought that would stop but it doesn’t, so I stay out of sight, i have my own to maintain, cold and unsure is that what youd like my love? Why? Because you want more or less?

Your crazy you put your love on the line, were crazy all the time, and I’m looking to score, I try to ignore my swan, even though it hurts, but we were born to be free join some of me, sometime my love and be true to yourself…

For those times I need your love, I’ll remember to approach with caution, everything hopefully will be bright and no more cloudy days…it never was about the money or the drugs with anyone, you were how I was living….

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The darkness

I wake to the darkness, all I’ve ever known, I wake from this subconscious slumber.

Im naked, in the darkness, I walk around to nothing but the darkes figures, I feel them grace my face as I walk, alone.

The feeling comparable to fabric, and cobwebs, until I carry on walking and it becomes harder, the figures become heavier.

I start to crawl with the weight, I see a small slit of light, I scream let there be the light, of my life.

I crawl through the tunnel and my knees bleed, that then tunnel becomes on strange angle, until my knees become raw and I can’t crawl anymore, I need to hoist myself up, I grip to the sides with my hands and the back of my neck is my only support along with the souls of my feet, they also bleed, I cry I can’t verbalize….and I will never know if I escaped….

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Masquerade lady

Unchain me from this nothing I feel.

I masquerade, when will they learn?

Temptation feels raw, I will not lie

I need, I do, what will become of my love?

Bleeding for the love that’s so tainted.

Black behind those eyes, mortal fears suppressed, that scream to be released, into me, I will welcome the darkness inside….

Deep in your veins I hear those screams, for something we can’t forget.

Those broken dreams with dark ideas, deep in your mind, it will not lie, you will not forget.

On my knees inside the mind of a personality, though broken and damned walls….when will I reappear?

Come back don’t forget You, come, come to yourself, break the chains my love, myself.

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Loves death

Last fall will rise behind those eyes.

A voice so clear, crys for those days that will not fall.

When will you learn, that loniless, beats like a drum deep in your veins, I will not fall.

I can’t forget you now, but I’ll be unchained, come inside it’s warm inside and cold outside.

Death so close, and love lies within.

Screaming unkill me brother

#love, current situation, erotic, erotica, free, liberating, liberation, love, poem, poems, psychological, psychology, romance, SHORTSTORY, thinking, Thoughts, write, writing

Plaything…take me

I’m the sinner I am your little plaything.

Your mine, we play with one another, I can think of pulling your tie tight up to me, while I kiss you, bite that bottom lip to just the right amount of pressure, though I ache in more than one place.

Leave on your shirt, I will undo your tie and that present you have for me underneath your belt, I want to feel it strain before I even release the buckle.

When you leave thay shirt on it gives me something to grab without damaging too much of your body with my sexually frustrated tension and nails, and I’m still unwrapping my present….

Licking your neck and chest, throwing you almost onto the bed, crawling across your body with a feline like stride to only push my body against yours still feeling the tension in your trousers, and my body, but I like that tension, who wants something that’s given too easily? I want to feel the aching deeper.

So as I finally decide to undo that belt of yours, I crawl back down your body to lick and taste you, feel you down my throat, I want to feel my throat at maxium capacity and as far down my throat as you can be, to take you out of me and lick you only to further choke myself on you.

My eyes water I love the amount of saliva that trails from my mouth onto you as I grab the base of you tightly telling you to finally take the trousers off, but keep the belt or tie…I ask you to bend me over and use either of those around my throat while you enter the second orifice, slowly to begin but the belt tightly gracing my throat makes you feel different inside me.

As you pick up the pace inside me, I ask you this time to throw me onto my front as you remove the belt from my neck and hold my throat in your arms tight, I want you to feel how tight I am everywhere….

Take from me some thing not usually given lightly…take your steak put it inside my third and final orifice, as I breathe in pain and pleasure with the first stride, only to overpower me and take me harder, deeper, covering my mouth with your hand, while you tightly grip my throat to hold onto as you find the leverage to take me harder.

Almost….Don’t….just yet, I can’t help but drip as you take me this way, so wrong but yet it feels so good, as I feel you deeper inside me, lick me….my mouth grab it, and take it to your lips….and enjoy the taste of my mouth and while I enjoy yours, i peer over my shoulder to watch you over take me.

Grab my waist and pull me to one side so I can watch how wet you’ve made me and so I can breathe that momentary second when you let go of my throat to grab my hips and pull me down onto you…harder for me to arch my back to get you there deeper and as I feel the sweat drip down my body, for it to set me on fire inside, I feel I want to come so badly….but I don’t know what it will take if anything…although this is fundamentally raw and tasty….

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You… my darkness

I watch you as you watch me and I deliberate as you calculate me, they lay the napkin upon my knee and I feel a sense of unease.

Marius gives me attention in the most lavish of places, with the most beautiful eyes, but you know it’s you I come back to.

Your interesting you place your bravado on me, you place your eyes on me, I can’t help but feel shy, yet again someone pierces my soul.

You stab into me, I feel jovial in my demeanour and as do you, the quantro, tastes like my past but your now part of the future.

You are not without your flaws and I am not without mine, that is what makes you interesting and interested.

You hand me your hands…with the card and the wings you gave me prior to our unusual engagement, the lollipop, makes me smile though I know what goes on in your mind.

When we are together with him, and you still sing to me the parts of the song you want me to hear, nobody knows truly what it means other than me and you, so as much as it’s in the open, it’s still secret.

I hear what you say, and I sit in front of the car I don’t care to glance because it would be obvious, but you state it is what I assumed and you wasn’t just singing out of joy, you make it your point to tell me, it was joy but low key.

I look into your eyes, and I sit and think, what you have seen and what you see when you look at me, you have no quibbles of telling me either of my internal questions.

You lay some seeds you think you sow them, but I see them, do I don’t swallow I just let them grow at my feet, I know you think as much as me…

The things we have shared…are questionable, already….but with your background and my dark mind, I know I can lead you into the joy of a different kind of darkness….

You can’t tell them, they’re who you work for, I’m your welcoming listener and the lines are smeared, like you’d love to smear my lips, you’ve got your darkness and I feel a sense of co-dependancy and more predominantly yours….

I feel the wind on my face, you love my vapour in your face, hell I’m everywhere in your life, on your phone on your pc, in your mind your lens loves me, but what makes it hard for me, is your enjoyable, you wonder if your only for the time being, I don’t know love, it all depends on you babe

Making those cds to play when I play with you, how are we supposed to suppress the way we feel today tomorrow? As the mind reading continues, after me pushing i know now that only made you more curious, but you should run….

You’ve heard me, you tell me it sounds like a warning but I don’t see you running, you think your mediocore power will battle my mind and what I’ve got?

But you’ll never hear me, because life is awesome when I’m with you, so the big things we both hide from one another, and you feel that charge it’s awful, I’m your favourite girl, I don’t particularly want to be, please don’t suffocate me.

Those around me makes me wonder if I or they are the puppeteer, I know predominantly, even with their years ahead or not….I control their fate, subliminal persuasion or not.

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The toys…of mine

My life it’s compositional of losses, wins, fails and falls.

One gave me wings, one bought me my dark wings, one buttering me up softly sleeping with me slowly and roughly, I shared allot with that one, I loved his fresh sweat.

He broke me in, now I’m a dark Angel who needs the back, and needs the nailing there, I almost came, each time i drip onto the sheets, I grip the sheets, it’s breathtaking.

Their pheromones some are striking, others just a mistress, one that cures their need for the impact of the beauty of my black crop and black nails, red lips symbolic of how they bleed beautifully for me.

Tasting is reserved for few, choking for the many, raising my knee to a naturally perfect aim, now kiss my feet while you are down there.

Until I drag him into the large bath and grab his hair lick me trust me while you hold your breath under there, fond memories there, they love the fire, and as do I.

My playthings, some more meaningful than others.

Now there’s nothing i don’t yearn for…twisted as it seems, some of the things it’s just who can keep up, rough or dark, slow and beautiful, fantasies that still need fulfilling by the big daddy.

Only he can fill it, because of who he is, I just need, one let it go, but I’m at no loss anymore, it’s like feeling no fear, because I have nothing to loose, does that make me a danger? Or a bitch.

Ravish and wild mustang, dark Angel to other their gothic queen, now every time you look up I know what your thinking of

The stress that’s been eating me recently, I take on some beasts, my toys biting of the lips, flesh so bouncy and the nerves in my teeth feeling, wanting it harder, I know that some will give that to me and I know them like few know me, I am some thing empty, but a vessel, you all fill my fuel with such, presumably naked flames…